Media economy

  Sacramento: Theme parks drive TV boom
Disney and Universal Studios are advertising new attractions, and that's helped drive demand, with spending and pricing up smartly

  Houston TV and radio: Hot, hot, hot
Television is sold out through June, with tomorrow's primary squeezing inventory. Demand and pricing are way up for radio too.

  Miami: Heating up as housing rebounds
Home improvement categories are hiking spending, driving up TV and radio prices as stations brace for surge in fall political ads

  Washington, D.C.: Gearing up for a big fall
Political spending will soar come September in this healthy market, where spending is up on television and pricing is flat

  Why the rosier outlook for ad spending
It's largely due to online, which will rise 12.2 percent this year. Talking with MagnaGlobal chief forecaster Vincent Letang.

  Dallas: Auto is driving a hot TV market
Car sales are up 22 percent, and high demand from dealers and manufacturers is pushing TV and radio pricing up 20 percent

  Atlanta: Hot market with prices rising
TV advertisers are being told to book early or risk being squeezed out by political and Olympics ads. Hot sectors: Cars and finance.

  Buyers: It's going to be a strong upfront
Predict total broadcast sales will be up 3 percent or more, bettering analysts' projections. More readers than not think cable will top broadcast.

  Seattle-Tacoma: Strong auto boosts TV
Television was down in the first quarter but that's turning around, thanks to cars, along with financial services and liquor retailers

  Local online ad spending is red hot again
Briefly KO'd by the recession, it will rise 21 percent this year and will soon overtake newspapers. Talking with Borrell's Kip Cassino.

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