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Forecast: Yahoo and Google will top $9B in 2005
If ABC, CBS and NBC are TVís big three, then Yahoo and Google are the internetís big two, at least in terms of ad revenue. Together the internet giants will approach $10 billion in worldwide ad revenue this year, according to eMarketer. Google will earn more, according to eMarketerís estimates, $5.16 billion to Yahooís $4.35 billion. Google will also hold a slight lead in U.S. ad revenue, $3.12 billion to $2.99 billion. Yahoo earned more in ad revenue than Google last year, but a faster growth rate will push Google ahead in 2005. EMarketer predicts a 50.3 percent ad revenue growth rate for Google, compared to 32.8 percent for Yahoo. Overall, eMarketer sees Google accounting for 24.2 percent of all internet ad revenue this year, including 57.7 percent of paid search revenue, while Yahoo will claim 23.2 percent of all ad revenue and 33.2 percent of paid search revenue.

No thanks: Most cell users don't want video service

Not interested in video capabilities for your cell phone? Youíre not alone. Two out of three mobile phone users say theyíre not yet ready for video services on their phones, according to a recent In-Stat survey. Itís the same percentage found in last yearís study. Donít count on interest surging soon, either. Just one out of eight respondents said they are interested in purchasing the service from their wireless carrier. In-Stat forecasts the number of subscribers buying mobile video content in the U.S. will increase from an estimated 1.1 million in 2005 to more than 30 million by 2010.

Gartner: Cell phone sales approaching 800 million

Cell phone sales will hit 779 million this year and top 1 billion by 2009, according to a new report from research company Gartner. Some 2.4 billion people will use cell phones that year, according to the report, at which point the real money will be made from cell phone services, not the phones themselves. For example, Sony Ericsson reports that during the second quarter of the year, cell phone sales grew but revenue shrank 16 percent. Gartner says cell phone sales this year will increase 15.6 percent over last year's 674 million.

Blinkx launches online TV and radio search tool
There's now an easy way to search for radio and TV programs online. Internet search company Blinkx introduced a service yesterday that sifts through radio and TV content online and automatically delivers it to a user's computer. Available at blinkx.tv, the site looks through content from more than 30 sources, including NBC, CNN, ESPN and BBC News. By using Really Simple Syndication for delivery, the service creates and sends a link to the sought content after looking for the audio or video clip using voice and transcription technologies. The new service should help Blinkx in its move from investor-supported to ad-supported site.

Alien endeavor: MindComet shoots blogs into space 

Call it the modern-day version of a message in a bottle, sending messages into outer space via satellite in hopes of making Martian friends. A new service from Florida-based MindComet now lets bloggers peddle their opinions far beyond the world-wide web. The purpose is to connect with extraterrestrials, should they exist, says MindComet president and CEO Ted Murphy. Sign up is free at BlogInSpace.com. Who, if anyone, is on the receiving end is not certain. But keep your content family friendly, says Murphy, whose company urges users to refrain from trying to provoke any alien neighbors.


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